Boys with Girlfriends


  • Release Date: 20 Agu 2011
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Anime: Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions)
Artist: Meiko
Song: Boys with Girlfriends

(I've decided to put this stuff at the top of my description so that people on their phones can [hopefully] see the artist, song title, and anime name)

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Aaaannddd I made yet another Ryoko-Ryoshi video... They're just so cute though! :3 and it makes it even cooler that he's not your typical hero-type protagonist. I tried not to use the same clips that I used in the other two Ookami-san videos... and I think that I did pretty good with that? Oh and, sorry for the subtitles... even though they kind of help with the story of this particular video, I understand that they can be distracting. Don't have access to the raws though so... *shrug* My bad

So, this is kind of a spin off(?) of the main-stream ACTUAL storyline. An alternate universe, if you will. Basically, Ryoshi has a girlfriend, but Ryoko is finding that she's falling for him too and in turn, this makes her mad at herself (telling herself that she should "know better"). Machiko senses Ryoko's crush and gets jealous. Meanwhile, Ryoko is trying hard to deny and ignore her feelings because the last time something like this happened, she got burned (i.e. Shiro; i think it's self-explainitory). She's angry at herself for falling for the same mistake, but eventually comes to accept her fate of being just friends with Ryoshi even though she can't get rid of her actual feelings for him. Machiko, on the other hand, starts to see that Ryoshi is harboring feelings for Ryoko and decides to confront her. Unable to deny it, but not willing to admit it, Ryoko simply responds with "I don't dislike him." So, in the end, Machiko breaks it off with Ryoshi cause she loves him enough to let him go and she "knows better" than to get in the way of true love. Or something like that...

NEW [December 7th 2016] UPDATE:
Aww :3 I wanna thank all of the people who've liked, favorited, or commented on this video~ You guys make my day ^^ I mean, having more than 1,000,000 views on one video is really a lot for me and is honestly rather insane :o it's been my MOST viewed video ever since it was uploaded (about 5 years ago)! So... just wanted to say thanks to everyone :D And the dislikes are adding up, I see... maybe I shouldn't have said "I know it's weird, but for some reason that kinda makes me happy" when I got my first dislike xD I probably encouraged people to dislike the video or something. And over 10,000 likes?? You guys are awesome! ...Seriously though, what did I do to make this video so liked? o.o I need to know so I can make my future videos like that!

Also, I wanna give a HUGE thanks to those of you who actually answer the question "what anime is this?" in the comment section. I don't do it myself because I'd probably end up responding rudely and/or bitterly. So thank you guys for taking care of it for me; saves me the trouble and it spares their feelings. Probably. Anyway, the point is that your sacrifice of answering the ignorant is greatly appreciated.

...And that was rather rude of me. But I'm assuming those who ask the question don't read the description or pay attention to annotations. If they did, they'd have no reason to ask because it's literally the very first thing written in the description. Unless they're trolls. I guess they could be trolls too... Regardless, a million thanks to you lovely viewers who answer those questions. You save my sanity every time :3


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